Livestock Supplements in Winter

As temperatures drop, it’s crucial to know how to keep your livestock healthy. During winter, forages alone do not provide livestock with the necessary minerals required for adequate maintenance, growth and reproduction. Livestock supplements can help meet the requirements for these functions, and they also enhance the ability of livestock to reach their full potential. Learn more about identifying deficiencies in your livestock feed supply and the supplements to counter those deficiencies.

Test your forage regularly to determine any mineral deficiencies it may pose for livestock.


Identifying Deficiencies

Conducting daily animal observations is the best way to identify nutrient deficiencies. Being able to identify the body score of an animal will provide an indication of overall health and nutrition.

Visible signs of deficiencies vary depending on the nutrients an animal lacks. For example, a red-tinged coat on black or white-haired cattle can indicate a copper deficiency, which can affect reproduction and overall health of the cattle. Furthermore, in situations where livestock is pregnant, there is an increased need for trace minerals, major minerals and vitamins. Therefore, it’s vital to keep a consistent log of the deficiencies your livestock are facing and to provide them with the supplements they need to stay healthy all year long.


Livestock Supplements

The most popular livestock supplement is self-fed molasses served in base tubs. These tubs provide 24/7 availability and a delivery system for livestock to receive added protein, minerals and insect fly control.

We offer molasses, mineral tubs and many other supplement options from Sweetlix – the leading brand of livestock supplements – including Bovalyx, which is the ideal supplement for all classes of cattle.

Livestock normally rely on forages to supply at least two percent of their body
 weight daily. Adding supplements can increase livestock’s overall immunity and nutrition.


The Sweetlix Mineral and Bovalyx lines are the most popular among livestock producers because they provide a high source of protein, including selective minerals and vitamins to help improve cattle productivity.  

    • Sweetlix Mineral – Provides a convenient palatable source of protein, energy minerals and vitamins for cattle consuming low-quality forages.
    • Sweetlix Bovalyx – Consistently draws cattle to their feeding stations. In addition, it delivers balanced levels of protein, energy minerals and vitamins. The low intake keeps daily supplement costs low.


To learn more about livestock supplements and establishing the best cold hardy grass for your livestock contact us.  


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