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Rumensin® improves feed efficiency and rate of weight gain in cattle when used as directed Ideal for growing heifers on high-quality pastures or forages. Studies have shown that heifers receiving Rumensin® increased average daily gain by an average of 0.15 pounds per head per day. Rumensin® contains an enhanced trace mineral package for improved performance. Increased ADG in replacement heifers can result in earlier breeding, quicker entrance into the milking herd, and increased lifetime productivity. There is no withdrawal period from this product.

How to Use & Apply

Feeding and Management: To be fed free choice at the rate of 3.2-8 oz. of block per head daily. This will provide 80-200 mg Monensin per head per day.Feed 1 block per 5 head of cattle. This allows all animals equal access to blocks.Place blocks where animals congregate. Locate blocks throughout pasture, placing them near water and loafing areas. Maintain adequate distance between blocks (10 feet minimum).Do not allow animals to run out of blocks. When a block is half-consumed, place a new block near it. Place very small pieces in troughs or feed pans.Feed as the only FREE CHOICE source of salt, minerals and vitamins.The effectiveness of this block in cull cows and bulls has not been established.



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