Our Johnston Seed Company Sod Farm offers a variety of high-quality turf grasses including Bermudagrass, Fescue, and Buffalograss. We are happy to serve both retail and commercial customers. We offer pick-up and delivery.

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High Quality Sod

Our lawn and turf varieties perform highly in trials, something our research and innovation team makes a priority.


Wear-tolerant grasses provide many options for lawns, fields and courses with high traffic.

Heat & Cold Tolerant

Many of our lawn and turf products were developed with heat- and cold-tolerance in mind, many of which can also grow in transition zones.

Cut Fresh to Order

To provide the highest quality sod, we don't cut until you order!

Acclimated for Oklahoma Climate

Grown in Oklahoma, our sod varieties will perform well in the Oklahoma climate.

Pallets & Rolls Available

We are happy to serve both residential and professional customers. That's why we offer sod in both slab and roll form.

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